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Relationship issue

What is Relationship issue

Relationship is the way in which two or more people remain connected. Humans, being social, are connected to many people in their lives and thus share relationship ties with innumerable people at different levels. However, relationship issues become some of the most bothering issues in life. While at times, relationship issues remain manageable, again in certain cases these go out of control and create major hassles in a normal living.


  • Lack of communication
  • Element of mistrust
  • Sense of disrespect
  • Sexual mismatch
  • Stonewalling

How Can I Help Fight relationship issue

Relationship issues should be given importance before these go over the top. After all, normal life gets affected adversely if relationship issues remain unsolved and unattended. You could try out a few steps in fighting your relationship issues.

  • Establish a clear communication

    Communication is the heart and soul of a relationship. No matter what, you should never stop talking to each other. While it is natural to want to be heard, you should also be a patient listener at the same time. You have to acknowledge your partner's feelings and act maturely just the way you would expect the other one to do.

  • Never let your ego govern

    Ego can be a great spoiler when it comes to any personal relationship. A personal relationship should ideally be a heart-to-heart connection; thus when you have any issue with someone connected to your personal life, you should keep your ego aside and relook into the matter that led to the disturbance, whatsoever.

  • Be the one to take initiative towards reconcillation

    Always remain that the word 'initiative' begins with the letter 'I'. Thus if you have any relationship issue, you should take the initiative and sort things instead of waiting for the other person to make advances. You never know that one single step from you could be a big leap towards solving the issue that might have been bothering you for quite some time.

  • Keep trust and respect alive

    Relationship problems often have the tendency to shaking mutual trust and respect from the crux. This is a very tricky situation and chances are high that your level of trust and respect for your partner might dwindle when you are having relationship issues. However, you should never ever let this happen. Mutual trust and respect should never be compromised on.

  • Consult a professional

    Relationship issues can become so over-bearing that normal life can get disturbed from the core. Understanding the intensity of the disturbance that your relationship issue might create, it would be wise to talk to a professional and borrow advice towards solving it.